Liiketaloudellinen aikakauskirja LTA - Finnish Journal of Business Economics is now Nordic Journal of Business
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Association of Business Schools Finland (ABS) is an organization for all the university level business schools in Finland.

ABS Finland is a result of a strategy process of the business schools that was completed in 2010. In the final meeting, where the strategy was adopted, the rectors, deans and directors of the different business schools decided that to set up an independent organization to follow through and implement the strategy.

ABS Finland operates both on the national and international levels, promoting the interest of the business schools, participating in societal discussions and giving the input that only business schools can to the national debate. ABS also promotes the sharing of best practice amongst its members and is acting as a forum for discussion and policy making for the different business schools in Finland.

ABS Finland also publishes the Liiketaloudellinen Aikakauskirja - The Finnish Journal of Business Economics and aims to promote and support the research of business science and business economics of enterprises in Finland. ABS Finland merged in 2012 with the Association for Business Studies Administration, which had, since 1952, published The Finnish Journal of Business Economics.

ABS Finland is a member of the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) and EFMD is a member of ABS-Finland. Through the EFMD community ABS-Finland has a unique network around the world, relating to business and management education.

ABS Finland is also a member of the European Quality Link (EQUAL) network. EQUAL was founded on European roots and therefore its perspective is based on the principles of subsidiarity and co-operation. In the spirit of a network organisation operating in an area of great cultural diversity, EQUAL sees its key role as promoting continuous quality improvement through the exchange of information on best practice and the support of agencies in the field of quality assessment and education.

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